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The process was painful i would never want to go through again, I screamed hard 

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I had an #abortion few weeks ago…. I knew it wasn’t a right choice but I have no other choice, I have a bf, we weren’t in a good term so I cheated with a married man and I found out i am pregnant last month on the 21st the result showed “faintly positive” my world crumble right in front of me… What will I tell my family? My bf? What will the society say about me? I’m still in university then I opt for abortion pill, I took it in the night and with much tension and anxiety I purged throughout the night, then no bleeding till day break when I saw blood spotting (not bleeding) after a week I went for another blood test and it was positive again (not faintly again) I swallowed hard then book an appointment for D&C on the 11th of this month, I laid on the table thinking is this the right thing? Do you know why the pill failed? The process was painful i would never want to go through again, I screamed hard and after it I had the worst cramp ever and no jst a light bleeding for that day no more bleeding, I felt relieved and the same time felt remorseful and still beating myself till date… Yesterday I did urine PT at home and it showed positive I’m scared cause I don’t understand what’s happening again, since yesterday I’m seeing blood spotting again….. I’m so devastated and thinking of suicide, what if the baby just want to stay? Why am I still positive?

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Marie July 4, 2023 - 8:06 pm

You may want to check out a bible study workbook called Forgiven and Set Free by Linda Cochrane. It can be bought in a lot of different online stores. https://store.focusonthefamily.com/forgiven-and-set-free/

Even though going through the bible study workbook on your own is great, I think doing it with a group is much better. After my abortion, I did a healing workbook on my own and then years later did a bible study support group with the workbook Forgiven and Set Free. Even though attending a group with others can be intimidating, it was much more effective for me and, I believe, for most people.

Some churches offer bible study support groups with the book Forgiven and Set Free. Otherwise, many pregnancy centers do; I did my group study through a pregnancy center. These are free groups; the only thing you might need to pay for is the workbook, which may cost about fifteen dollars. To find a pregnancy center in your area, you can Google “Pregnancy Center (name of your city or county)” or look for one via optionline.org.

I encourage you to pursue these routes. Even though they may feel intimidating and overwhelming, it is worth it because God has such amazing things planned for you beyond these current feelings and circumstances.