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You are not alone. 

by Admin

When I was 27, I got pregnant. I was single and a musician in a band and had “fling” with the lead singer. I got pregnant. He didn’t want the baby and tried to convince me on having an abortion. When I refused, he spoke to me on giving the baby up for adoption. I couldn’t do either. My mom had passed away 3 years prior and I was an only child and wanted to have a family, even if it were just baby and I. I had a prenatal appointment and was told by the nurse there that because my sugars were too high (I’m type 1 diabetic) that I may have “missed the boat” on having a healthy baby. The Obstetrician told me I should think about what I wanted to do at that point (without saying abortion). I knew what he was saying. I called my best friend whom I’ve known my whole life and cried to her telling what the nurse and doctor said to me. At that moment I considered terminating my pregnancy. I didn’t want the baby to live with any abnormalities because of my carelessness being diabetic. As I cried to my best friend over the phone she told me about God and how she also was going to help me and be there for me. She said I needed to trust God. She prayed for me and she truly was there for me every step of the way. She was there helping me when I gave birth in the hospital and to her, I am thankful. My son is now 26 years old and he is healthy. God used my best friend to point me towards Him. I’ve been a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ for 19 years now and I understand the fear and situations women are in when contemplating abortion. I’m here to tell you that if you are pregnant right now and reading this, you’re not alone. There may be more reasons that might make sense to you to have an abortion which first is fear and also not having the support of your partner, family/friends, and financial issues, but there’s one reason that is by far one that I hope you will seek is God intricately formed us in our mothers womb. We are made in His image. No life is a mistake and there is a greater purpose for all life created. There are people here, like myself, who care and want to help. I now am an intake counselor for a pro-life ministry at my church. We have a pregnancy mobile unit that we offer free pregnancy testing, free ultrasounds, help for eomen who decide to keep their babies and also have an adoption connection to women who decide adoption over abortion. There is hope and there is help. Please contact me if you need help. I pray for each and everyone reading this today. Although I do not know you, God does, and He knows your situations. You are not alone.
email:  thefruitofherhands1@gmail.com

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Tricia S. January 7, 2023 - 1:33 pm

Praise God for your testimony and for His working in your life and through you! These ladies just don’t even realize how much God loves them and they need to hear testimonies like yours!