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 He was my heart God’s heart

by Admin

I was only 11 when I was taken advantage of by a relative. I hid my pregnancy, and came to term having the baby early. This was a hidden secret in my family. My aunt had found out and secretly brought me in for help because she was scared of what my family would do. I was told I was a killer upon coming to the abortion clinic by protestors. I cried and had told my aunt no I cannot kill him. My son only lived for a few weeks he had extreme genetic abnormalities. Well, that’s what the doctors said. He couldn’t, see, suckle properly or breathe well. I am so happy I had time with my son. The second pregnancy happened shortly after the first my Aunt had brought me to the abortion clinic had my family taken into custody. I really wanted what God wanted too my new baby. She had my baby killed that day.

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