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I didn’t get the response I wanted from him

by Admin

I’m 34 I have 6 kids.I found out I was pregnant 7 weeks ago I was so happy to tell the father and I didn’t get the response I wanted from him or from my family and friends.He began to tell me how horrible our life will be with a baby and how he doesn’t have the time for it.So for weeks I thought about and would tease him how we’re having this baby.He began to treat me like shit and eventually I started to hate my baby and regret the pregnancy.I got a ultrasound because maybe seeing it and showing him he would change his mind.I never showed him the ultrasound.I did get a call from a abortion clinic and was told $200 and I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore.So I get the abortion and I say goodbye to my baby and tell God how sorry I am.I remember them sucking the baby out of me and I begin to cry as they give me a pad and tissue to wipe the blood up. The next day waking up seeing my baby bump but no baby my heart was broken.I made a promise to my baby and God that I would never let that happen again and I will be the best person I can be.

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