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Just had to share

by Admin

Hi, I wanted to jump on here and tell you what’s been on my heart for a while… I had and abortion 8 years ago. I still cry to this day and probably always will. What I did was horrible. I took the abortion pill. What that does to the baby is organ failure untill the heart stops. I basically gave my baby a heart attack. I murdered my baby 😭😭 for the longest time, I wanted to be hit by a bus and scream in silence till death, just like my baby did. I was told by “friends” that “it was for the best”. I’m here to tell you, that is a lie. DO NOT listen to friends or medical who say this. Please if you know someone who’s struggling with this or about to abort, tell them it’s not worth it! Please don’t judge us. Help women who are going through this. We were ignorant. Believe me, we already know we screwed up and did the worst thing possible. We already want someone or something to murder us so we can feel what our baby’s felt. But God in his amazing grace forgave me. I know because I have 2 handsome healthy boys. There is hope for us, but please don’t commit this horrible act. Before my 2 boys, I had 3 miscarriages. All because of the abortion. Murdering an unborn child not only takes a toll on you mentally, but physically too. It reduces any chances of future children. Planned Parenthood was and still is evil! They didn’t even have any emotion in what they were doing. They just said” here, take this”. I’m not looking for sympathy nor judgment. Just had to share There is only one judge and that’s God.

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