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Me and my siblings will never know our other brother 

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Our father and step mother aborted our brother I don’t know how many months she was with him but they knew he was boy so am guessing 3-4 months they was/still are using narcotics and was in their 30s and would have had support from everyone including all of us kids we would have loved him and took care of him our step sister helped rise her brother so we was used to helping with that type of thing their excuse was he had problems and would have been born sick but when people asked to speak to doctors and look at the report to find someone that would explain the type of problem and options for treatment our parents said abortion was the only option our brother had no chance at life because his parents chose a good time and drugs over him worst part she showed all us our brothers sonogram pictures and they never explained what they was doing or anything but I remember them leaving to have it done I knew my brother was gonna be gone funny how i always was careful with girls I would go on dates with because of the fear of something happening which is why I never took the chance even as a young kid I always said if my girlfriend said one day we’re gonna have a family I would be over the moon and make sure I had money to support our baby and us please young men and women be careful and choose life for your unborn baby to my brother I never got to meet we all love you

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