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Regrets of Abortion Mental Torture Poor Pitiful Pearl

by Admin

In 1981 I got pregnant, my story is not a simple one, it has been a life long emptiness, not only 1 abortion but 3 and the downhill spiral into drugs, alcohol, several suicide attempts slipping into a dark place caused by the bad decision to have abortions. My first abortion i did not want my daddy found out and made me have the abortion, took me and paid for it. I never really wanted any of them but the boys that I was with did. By the time I got pregnant for the 3rd time I was heavy into a junkie, needles and alcohol. I never did talk about any of these abortions. I was blessed enough to have a healthy daughter and now grandmother. I will say to you, each child I still think about, my life would of been different, not perfect but I would of had 4 wonderful children. I have had bad relationships, and finally forgave myself for killing my babies and forgave my daddy. Those lives were not mine to murder but God’s Children. If one girl, woman, lady or anyone reads this choose life. It means you choose life for you, what if your mother aborted You? Plenty of people would love to adopt. I am almost 60 years old, what if…..what if my daddy had let me have my little baby? My life has changed only through Jesus. Have your child, it it God’s gift to you. Dont be like me, CHOOSE LIFE! Signed, Poor, pitiful, Pearl

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