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With a heavy heart

by Admin

I am writing this testimony with a heavy heart💔 5 years ago I did 2 abortions were both performed at Private practice where I was never judged I didn’t see a big deal with performing those abortions because I really didn’t have any idea that I am killing
On 2019 January I found that I was pregnant again that’s where I was happy about my pregnancy and ready to be a mother I loved the journey of my pregnancy this year my daughter turned 2 and I found that I am pregnant again thou I was on a pill…I told my family about it and they convinced me to have an abortion😪😪😪I didn’t want to listen to them but they kept reminding me how my child is still young and how my life will stop if I keep the pregnancy😪😪They kept pushing and for me not being strong enough I ended up aborting again
I am in the deepest pain I wish I could undo the abortion I did….I hate myself for not being strong for my unborn
My boyfriend hates me I don’t blame him because I am evil….I think I am going straight to hell So many terminations💔💔😪😪I could have been wiser and stronger now I can’t sleep I can’t find peace My sins are haunting me


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