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With a heavy heart

by Admin

I am writing this testimony with a heavy heart💔 5 years ago I did 2 abortions were both performed at Private practice where I was never judged I didn’t see a big deal with performing those abortions because I really didn’t have any idea that I am killing
On 2019 January I found that I was pregnant again that’s where I was happy about my pregnancy and ready to be a mother I loved the journey of my pregnancy this year my daughter turned 2 and I found that I am pregnant again thou I was on a pill…I told my family about it and they convinced me to have an abortion😪😪😪I didn’t want to listen to them but they kept reminding me how my child is still young and how my life will stop if I keep the pregnancy😪😪They kept pushing and for me not being strong enough I ended up aborting again
I am in the deepest pain I wish I could undo the abortion I did….I hate myself for not being strong for my unborn
My boyfriend hates me I don’t blame him because I am evil….I think I am going straight to hell So many terminations💔💔😪😪I could have been wiser and stronger now I can’t sleep I can’t find peace My sins are haunting me

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Mary T June 26, 2022 - 10:45 pm

Dear Heavy Heart,
Please check out Rachel’s Vineyard ministry in your area for post-abortive women and men. It is a weekend retreat where you can share your pain openly and receive Christ’s forgiveness, without judgment. It’s a ministry of the Catholic Church. “Come let us reason together. Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red as crimson, they shall be as wool.” Isaiah Chapter 1 verse 18. May our Lord bless you .

Lianna January 10, 2023 - 9:44 pm

Jesus was sacrificed on the cross for us sinners. That’s the gift He gave us so we may be saved. As long as we are alive there is still time to repent and turn back to Him.