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50+ Years of Regret

by Admin

We were young and I lived in a brutal home. Stepfather’s can be beyond evil. I was on a lot of medicine to handle the trauma of home life. I didn’t dare tell my “parents” I was pregnant. The child was likely going to have some issues because of the medication but I was jot in a position to go to a doctor to find out; there were no privacy laws to protect a 15 year old. We went to PP and I was told that the baby “would feel nothing; it was “not yet capable of feeling” – but I was beyond 4 months. My boyfriend suggested the abortion – I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I went forward with it – a vacuum procedure and it was painful, horrifying and all I wanted was to die. Later I found out the baby does feel being torn limb from limb. I haven’t nor will I ever get over this! My then-boyfriend is also still struggling with the after effects. God help you if you ever meet a person that thinks that what my baby and I went through os “OK” – that person IS shear evil.


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