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Chose him over the baby 

by Admin

I chose him over the baby. He told me he would leave me, block me on everything and never speak to me or the baby again if i didn’t get a abortion. He was so angry and scared, he said he was to young to be a dad. But me? I felt the baby growing inside me everyday, i didn’t feel alone anymore. I was so excited to be a mom. It’s like i was made to be one and i would have loved my child more than anything. I couldn’t wait to see my baby, i kept imagining the future with excitement. My family was so excited for me. But he was scared and afraid and he wanted nothing to do with the baby he said. He couldn’t even touch me anymore. I would hear him crying. All i wanted was for him to be happy again. And so I let him pressure me into getting an abortion. I let his mother pressure me into getting “rid of it” I felt so alone, so scared and the person i loved most didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. But i already loved my baby more than anything, it was something that we made together a mixture of both of us. I can imagine how beautiful the baby would have been, how happy i would have been even if i was a single mom. And so there we were at a planned parenthood clinic and i still wasn’t sure but i did it. I did it for him because that’s how much i loved him. I can out of the clinic feeling empty and with regret. He left me 2 days later when i needed him the most. He left me in pain and broken inside. I chose him over the baby but now, now i just want my baby back. If i could go back in time i never would have done it. I would have been a mom right now with a beautiful baby that would have loved me more than anyone. I think about my baby everyday and it’s been months now. The pain will never go away now i just have to learn how to live with this regret.

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