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I was so scared and couldn’t tell anyone

by Admin

I know you are scared. You are not alone. God is with you. I found out I was pregnant when I was 22. I was so scared because I didn’t have anyone I felt I could turn too. I wish I had the courage to go to my Church for guidance. I felt ashamed and never went to them for guidance. I wish I did go to my Church for guidance because maybe I would have changed my mind. I asked God to help me. He sent me a big sign. The Pope was in town for a visit that weekend I went home. I wished I listened to the sign. I had the abortion. I saw the picture of my little one they took before the procedure on my file from far away. After the procedure, I asked the nurse if i could see the picture again and she said no. I cried afterwards. The Doctor took my hand and said it just wasn’t meant to be right now. I just have the memory now in my mind of that photo. My Mom some how found out years later about the abortion. She wishes that I told her earlier when I was pregnant. I was so scared and couldn’t tell anyone. I’m now 48. My baby would have been 25 this year. I still feel guilt and sadness and anger that I wasn’t strong enough. I ask God to please forgive me and I ask my baby to please forgive me too. I love you so much my sweet sweet angel and miss you. God bless all those effected by this decision. It does change you. God bless!

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