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I wish someone would have told me how much light a child give to your world, society seems to try to only sell the darkness

by Admin

I was on birth control and with my long time boyfriend, had dreams of traveling and living more before having kids. I felt strange and took a test and was pregnant. I struggled for a while with the decision to keep the baby, it seems so monumental at the time. A baby, how will I provide for them? They’ll take away my freedom. I’m now tied to my boyfriend forever (what if we split up?)… I hated pregnancy and never felt ‘connected’ to the baby. And I’m ashamed to say I considered abortion. I kept cancelling appointments for the pill, but considering it all the way through the first trimester; simply put, commitment to 18 years was hard. But I’m here to say, the best thing I’ve ever done is cancel those appointments. I didn’t fall in love immediately, I even considered adoption until about 38 weeks of pregnancy, but holding him now at 8 months, seeing his little happy face and stretches, his laugh and his bright eyes. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him now. That’s the reality of cancelling an abortion. No one ever tells you the JOY of having a baby it seems, only the hard parts. The people that struggle the most are sometimes the ones that need the most love, and the love that your little baby can give you is unsurpassable. They say, ‘just wait until you’re up all night with the baby’, yes. Just wait until you stay up staring at them as they sleep because you’re just so in love and in awe. They say ,‘just wait, you won’t have any time to yourself’, yes, you won’t want any time away from that little baby you have such a connection with. They say ‘you’ll never finish school/ get where you should be with a job’, what better ‘job’ is there, that you can do for the future, than raise a beautiful child? They don’t hold you back. They give you a reason to work harder. Being a parent isn’t all perfect, but it’s so natural, so rewarding, and you may find you love even yourself more. I sure did. Please consider this, I wish someone would have told me how much light a child give to your world, society seems to try to sell the darkness. Don’t listen!!!! Please know that there are brighter days ahead, no matter how dark it may seem now. It’s not the end of the world, it’s a beautiful beginning. Every problem that you have now will be so far behind you, and all that will matter are those big beautiful eyes and that happy laugh and smile.

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JoAnna T. January 21, 2022 - 7:02 pm

I too was forced into two unwanted abortions!! I did not even understand what it was, what they were doing or what it all meant. Planned Parenthood is a demonic cult organization who steel and murder babies, Gods creation, then sell their body parts! All for money!! They will burn in Hell!!!! I cannot put into words how much I regret going through those abortions but like so many others it was not my choice I was forced, young and had no help and was even driven to the place to have it done and they paid for all my parents made the choice the father parents did not offer to help and the fathers and I felt we had no voice or option and no help when we needed it the most and his parents did not help either. Even our friends did not help us. All I remember was them rushing us, having me take a pill and being on a table with a loud machine and feeling something moving around inside me and crying uncontrollably! The first was 38 yrs ago the second was 26 yrs ago. I am 57 yrs old now and have a son who is 36 yrs old also. All I ever wanted to be was a wife and mother, but others have controlled my entire life since I was born! They are so selfish then wonder why my son and I are not happy! Both decisions based on financial reasons only, The biggest and only mistakes of my life! I will NEVER be the same and there is not one day that has gone by since that I have not cried and wondered if these precious babies of mine were boys or girls, what they would look and be like and especially since I also have a son who I adore and thank the lord for every day too how sad it is that they are not here for him too. These mistakes not only stole my precious children but my sons siblings and our family and entire life!! Then his father and stepfather were also killed in fatal vehicle accidents too!! Although I know they are all together our other children and his fathers and that we will spend our eternal lives in Heaven with all of them and God one day, it still is heartbreaking! Regret, sadness, anger, incredible loss and frustration at the lack of being able to change and undo it all are what I have and will live with the rest of my life!! I am an advocate for the prolife movement and am pouring all this pain into my efforts to stop abortion worldwide and hope to one day see Roe v Wade overturned and Planned Parenthood bankrupt. all of their workers rotting in prison!! Do not do it, if you are being forced into all runaway from those doing so there are so many places to get help now compared to when I went through all! There is help now look online! I still am angry with our families and wonder are they that cold hearted, selfish and psychopathic? I have a lot of compassion and love for my son and all we have been through so much, more than most can even imagine possible and the only one who did not turn his back on us but instead carried us through all was our lord Jesus Christ and all the glory belongs to him! I know he loves both of us and my children in Heaven and their fathers more than anything and that HE is all we need. He is watching over us and he is also taking very good care of our loved ones until we are with them again and when we are, this time it will be forever!

Melissa July 29, 2022 - 5:03 pm

Did your boyfriend leave you? I’m 36 and just found out I’m pregnant. I’m scared shitless. My long time boyfriend doesn’t want it. Our life is planned… traveling and freedom. He will leave me if I have this.