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So grateful for my grandson who almost was aborted ten years ago!

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I am 64 years of age and had 3 abortions during 1982-83. I didn’t plan for my life to change abruptly after being diagnosed with fibroid tumors and advised to have emergency surgery to remove them and no guarantee or hysterectomy! I declined both options! In my mind, I needed to find out if I could get pregnant because I was advised by doctor it was a possibility that I could not. I decided to go on a mission to find out if I could or could not get pregnant. I was single, recent college graduate and just moved to a new city. I was shocked and naïve and Black. I had never heard of anyone having an abortion nor had their being discussion about it. I was blind-sided on every turn. But, once doctor gave me the options but no guarantee that he would not give me a hysterectomy, I did not sign papers for surgeries. I met a guy and had sex one time and after missing my monthly cycle found to be pregnant. I looked in the telephone directory and found an abortion clinic and made appointment. This was good news to know but I didn’t like the guy and didn’t tell him the news because I didn’t like him. I had my first abortion and I told no one. I felt alone and ashamed. But, it was so easy to have my abortion. My life’s plan was to be married before having a baby. Within a few months, I met another man, married and separated from his wife, at least, he said that he was…I sort of liked him, shortly thereafter, I missed my monthly cycle, pregnant and shared news with boyfriend. He left the decision to keep or abort baby with me, but, reminded me that he didn’t know if he and wife would work out their differences, but, offered to pay for procedure. I went alone to the same, cold and lifeless pregnancy center and had my second abortion. No other patients were there. I received no advice or counseling. If he had only told me that he wanted me and baby then I would have saved my baby. By the way, he and wife divorced…a few years later, he and new wife and me and my husband crossed paths, never seen him since. Finally, a few months passed and I met this young man and really thought he was the one that I could fall in love with. I got pregnant, again for the third time. But, I was 15 months and didn’t know it! While at work, I hemorrhaged in toilet…I thought that this was it for me and that I was going to have to have a hysterectomy. I was admitted to the hospital and learned that I was pregnant. At this time, I had to share with boyfriend and family that I was pregnant. Initially, I planned to keep my baby but after boyfriend said he was moving out of town and I wasn’t ready to raise a child on my own and nor was I married, I chose to abort my third baby. My life has never been the same. A cried to God that I wanted to be married before having children. Shortly thereafter, I met and married my husband of 37 years…he has 3 children from his marriage and we have two children. He is truly a gift from God. Finally, I shared my story to say this, my son and the mother of his three children started to abort their third son 🥲ten years ago, my grandson and I was able to share with them that they didn’t want to make the previous mistake that I had done. They would live to regret it. My grandson is such a joy to all. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about what might have been if my babies were given the opportunity to live. I am forgiven by God and I attended a post abortion Bible Study and a Healing Retreat with Rachel’s Vineyard about 18 years ago. I will spend the rest of my life sharing my story and encouraging others to not abort but seek prayers and guidance to remain abstinent before marriage and fight to save life if becomes pregnant. In hopes, my story will be passed on as personal experience to the world, tell it, tell it, tell it…don’t abort! Ruby


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